About Us
Why Choose Tannik?
Tannik Gaming is a new internet startup looking to fill the gap for high quality Minecraft server development services. Tannik Gaming is reimagining the way Minecraft servers are built. We custom tailor the detail of all of our builds, plugin configurations, graphics, and Discords, to your liking. At Tannik we understand that it can be costly starting a Minecraft server. We are devoted to enhancing the gaming experience of all your players at a price that won't break your bank. Tannik knows that you can't waste weeks for maps to be built, and plugins to be configured. We are dedicated to completing all orders within your specified time restraints. Our around the clock customer service is second to none. We are always here to meet your needs. Try Tannik today and let us show you the way we have revolutionized Minecraft server development. "Give us your wish and we'll make it come true."
How Did We Start?
Tannik Gaming Setups started in 2015, with just 4 friends as a pass time. We began hosting a small server on a Steam game called “Unturned,” just for the fun of it. After, gaining widespread popularity and acquiring a loyal group of players and staff, Tannik Gaming moved away from the Unturned scene. With the guidance from the community, and trusted staff, Tannik debuted on Minecraft with a OP Factions server. Many months and several reboots later, Tannik Gaming, decided to move into the Minecraft server setup industry. The company was then reborn, into Tannik Gaming Setups. TGS has now grown into an international business serving enthusiastic gamer's from around the globe. We are ecstatic to be a creative leader in this fun and ever expanding Minecraft community. We offer the highest quality and “best bang for the buck” server setup in the Minecraft market!