What Do People Have To Say About Us?
Tannik gaming takes the utmost appreciation for their clients and are always willing to help you with any troubles you may have. I would recommend tannik gaming over any other builder/ developer service because of their cheap prices and there attention to detail. I would rate them 10/ 10 the best service you will ever find.
- Donny from Crushed Craft
Incredible service & Prices. For what they built, I felt guilty for not paying enough. They blew the standards through the back of my brain for $12. The service is pretty incredible and there is always someone around to help you change or add things to something you. I had 6 builders working on my build at one point, and the quality and speed of things being finished is crazy. If you're starting a Server, network, or need a build, choose these dudes. 11/10 For sure!
- Meiza from TrinityPvP
Tannik gaming is the best ever!. As soon as i put my server on planet minecraft they got on in 3 secons and were very nice they gave me tips and the staff is very nice i paid a small fee of 20$ for a 50x50 but they gave me a 75x75 for 20$. They are great and i would rate them 5 stars! They helped me on my server Minigamecentral
- Mghty
I purchesed a discord server from them! it was configured to my standerds! its wonderful! I would definintly come back again if i needed another server!
- Pvris8019
I bought a 75x75 spawn and the service was very good. They show appreciate for their clients and are calm and professional. I would consider purchasing again.
- Ellie
TGS is a very compassionate and organized company. They show much appreciation and strive to do their best for their customers. I bought several things from them, one being a website, as well as a spawn. I have gotten a very nice 100x100 castle spawn for my server, and the players love it. I would reccommend TGS for anyone in need of a spawn, website, or plugin help.
- Filqh from the Pendulum
This is now the second time that I have used TGS, the service is great and they truly do know what they are doing! I have high expectations for my server hub and they meet all of my expectaitons! I would again come back and use their services. They are friendly and will work with you to meet your expectaions at 100%!
- Pvris8019
vouch! very talented builders!
- Deleted
Very creative and talented builders! The support was amazing as they helped with almost everything! I had no problems with the service I received! Definitely will use again and would consider all to try it !
- Strange
I was very impressed with the build they made for me. TGS really hooked me up with a great deal on a PVP arena, and they continued to work on it and make changes that I asked for without trying to charge me more. The build was very detailed and so far all of my friends love it! I cant wait to see what more players think. I couldn't recommend TGS more, and when I need a build, they will be the first people I go to. Thanks so much!!
- DrySkull
2nd time, still great service, I was built a nice shop!
- Strange
This is now the 3rd time coming back to use their services! The third time here was quite diffrent seen as i needed my spawn build ASAP, but the crew got right on top of it and had it done by the end of the day I had ordered it! I would for sure come back and use their services! I would rate them a 10/10 because they are friendly and will really dedicated their time to fit your needs!
- Pvris8019
Tannik Gaming Setups has truly given me great services. They're the reason I now have my server network, why I have my awesome skyblock spawn, and of course, my customized islands. They make sure they pass your standards and astonish you with their work. I don't regret a single penny I paid to TGS, their service was amazing. Huge +1 from me.
- Filqh from Pendulum Network
Incredible service & Prices. For what they built, I felt guilty for not paying enough. They blew the standards through the back of my brain for $12. The service is pretty incredible and there is always someone around to help you change or add things to something you. I had 6 builders working on my build at one point, and the quality and speed of things being finished is crazy. If your starting a Server, network, or need a build, choose these dudes. 11/10 For sure
- Meiza from TrinityPvP
This team is amazing! Despite me having some problems with the payment process time, it was amazing the quality of my build and the time that they built it in!definitely be using their service again, and they gave me a great price for my build. I recommend these guys whether you're building a 200x200 spawn or 50x50 shop, due to their unparalleled level of professionalism and build quality
- The Camo Waffle from OceanMC
Second time buying - They have some great ideas, never give up if you want them to change things, great prices and incredible service. 10/10 for the second time
- Meiza from TrinityNetwork
Second time buying - First Time Purchasing, the service was amazing they got what I wanted built in such a short amount of time and for a cheap price they were willing to add on to the build and make sure i'm happy with it. You can tell they are all very talented builders I recommend them 10/10.
- -Litty_(Moneyyzz) from SkyPeak
This Build Team Is just amazing the built me a 150x150 spawn/hub and was completed in less than 3 days. and i am especially happy with there attitude when i wanted them to change the theme several times
- Michael From CrypticFactions
Second time buying - This is amazing! They built me a 75x75 paintball arena! It was completed in less than a week! It looks amazing. Definetly if I ever get spare change purchasing dat stuff dat good stuff
- Kong
Second time buying - There build team was quick and efficient, They built an 80x80 Castle hub/spawn for my server in 2 days! The Hub is extremely decortitive and midieval as I wished. They were easy to work with and were happy to change what I wished with no problem.
- Spoon Soup
It was amazing how their build team created my hub in less than a day! It's very open and looks fancy! Thanks Tannik's Build Team!
- TriggerMe
Tannik just built me a 100x100 lobby and it is Great, then included so much detail and got everything i wanted in my lobby Perfect I would consider using this service again soon! also it took less than a day!
- Tekcno
Was reluctant to pay over 4 dollars due to low budget, but despite the limit of 20x20 blocks, they still amazed me, would not say the money was a waste, and would definitely buy another build if I could. The built fast and were friendly. A great team of talented builders and great staff. 11/10
- Gavster
Absolutly amazing. I came to them asking them to set up 3 minecraft servers all with custom maps and plugins in less then a month. They sure did deliever. They didn't complain whenever I told them to change the map, or that I didn't like this. They just changed it and would not stop until it was perfect. They never backed down from a challange. For the amount of work I needed done, they got it done before the deadline. This company is one you can trust. The price is low compared to other and you get well worth your money. They build and setup everything as if it was their own. They show you the build every step of the way and take your opinion on everything. Or you could tell them to build whatever they want and they will deliever a build you will love. I am so glad I have the pleasure to work with them and use their builds for my servers. I can not express how much you get for your money. It is well worth it and I would recommend this company everytime. They even will setup stuff they have never tried before. And they will get it done. No doubt in my mind, this is the best choice for a server owner needing some help.
- Prismatic Gaming's Owner
At first I thought that these people were amateurs at what they do. I was quite hesitant to hire their services, but was left with no other choice after my previous plans with another build team did not follow through. I can now see that I was wrong in doubting their skills, and is extremely pleased that they were the build team I ended up with. They deliver great services. I asked for a 200x200 KitPvP map, gave them a vague idea to what I had in mind. I admit my explination to what I wanted was not detailed, and therefore they added their own unique features in the build. This at first threw me off, as it was not what I had in mind. After a few changes, the map started to look even better then what I had plan for. Even though I kept on asking them to change certain features, to remove or to add a build, they never complained about anything. They said no problem, and got on it right away. No arguments, nothing... Straight to work. I know I am not an easy customer to work with, nevertheless, they don't disappoint. I will definitely hire their services in the future!
- Okami-PvP
I was not expecting something this good for the price I paid. I originally ordered a 50x50 spawn, then upgraded to 75x75, and all throughout the build, they asked questions about the build so they could get it exactly right, and they really succeeded in that! The value of your money is incredible with Tannik! The service is also exceptional -A few times there were rather large changes I asked for, and nobody even hesitated to do the change! Great service, great people, great builders!
- Calum
I didn't have to pay for my graphics because I won the giveaway but even though I didn't pay they put just as much effort into the graphic. Even though I wasn't very descriptive they still asked exactly how I wanted it and it turned out AMAZING! They are amazing talented people and I am going to work with them again. 11/10 graphics and service.
- ChampTheGreat
I just bought a logo from here because my cousin recently won one in a giveaway, it was AMAZING. I am amazed at how profecional these look, I can tell theres a lot of effort put into each and everyone of there graphics. These people are amazing and so talented, i will definitally be purchasing from them again. 100/10 worth every penny.
- Nomad
I have the tendency to micro-manage projects, but TGS handled me very well. They built higher than my expectations, stuck well to my standards, adjusted to any requests, and took the lead with impressive results when I didn't have a plan. These guys know what they are doing, and for a price that works for my minimal budget. I will be back next time I have a project, and suggest everyone considering any kind of help with their server talk to TGS.
- Gort
@Kinder | TGS Your designing skills are great! He was very fast and the logo is really simple and I loved it. Thank you!
- RexSetups
Great job done by Kinder what can I say a excellence, great logo, great service, great prices!! Might see you guys soon.
- Hunter from Configs R Us
Dammnnn I wish I was @Kinder | TGS this guy is a legend, I was presented with another great design it’s really worth the money spending on this service, thank you TGS and merry Christmas
- Hunter from Configs R Us
Eggwin has done an amazing job with this company. I want to say thank you to all of the managers, builders and graphic designers who have done all of my work without complaining a tad bit. The managers kept me up to date all the time. Kinder did an amazing job with my graphics. The builders are absolutely insane at what they do. Thank you again Tannik. Hope I will be back soon!
- RexTheMon from Minemen Games
Amazing services, they got what I done instantly after payment. Looks amazing, listened to exactly what I wanted and got it done with a little less then a few hours. Nice kind people and an amazing setup. Thank you Rwon Jpr and Dynamite
- Carvayings
I want to thank Raccoon for the help! Did a great job setting up my server. Great services in all! Again, thank to him I have a beautiful server that players love joining! Thank you again! Raccoon
- PrinceJose
I would like to thank Tannik Gaming Setups for the amazing staff team! I would also like to thank Rwon for the AMAZING graphics he created for my server. They were great I am definitely going to use you guys again very soon! Oh and before I forget, thanks you Jpr for your amazing customer service!
- Jose
I wanted to let you guys know that The team here at TGS did an awesome job for creating a hub and personal island areas. Jpr was professional and very helpful. They made sure that I was completely satisfied with the work they preformed for me. I was amazed at how much work they accomplished on such a little budget. I would suggest that if you are looking for builders that you give TGS your work before going to any other Build/development shop. Thank you guys for all you did. I would and will use you again and will recommend TGS to any MC server admin I talk with.
- Liinxie
Where do I begin, The build team is absolutly FANTASTIC, and they were speedy and effiecient. I would like to that Jpr, Dynamite, and Cam For their AMAZING customer service, and for there help. I am very much enjoying what you guys have to offer, and cannot to spend more money on server build, and graphics
- Jose
What fabulous service. I had icons designed and I am stunned how talented @Goofy | TGS is. All of the characters he hand drew and showed progress to help it be perfect. @Jpr | TGS was very helpful also. Once again thank you so very much. I will definately be back to order those builds
- Piyo
This is Awesome I have used thier service 2 times and they always do an outstanding job! They are very flexible with what they build and will always build it! Once again they were very good and I will use Tannik again if I need something built
- Tekcno
Amazing, they made me 6 icons and another hand drawn one. Quick and ez. Hand drawn took a bit longer but was worth the wait. Thanks goofy and rwon <3
- SpoonSoup